Wharfedale Carpets And Flooring

Innovative and inspiring – two words to describe what Crucial Trading creates. With over 100 different styles of floor covering in their range, Crucial Trading are setting new trends in flooring and have been doing so since 1986 when the company was created to produce stunning and natural material floor coverings.

Crucial Trading doesn’t just use the most beautiful wool to create their floor coverings, they also use other natural materials such as sisal, coir, seagrass, jute and sisool to create hard wearing and striking premium floor coverings. Each of these natural materials is processed, dried and spun by artisans to create distinctive blends with the charm of nature embedded throughout.

Take a look at our online gallery HERE to see previous flooring solutions we have provided for our satisfied customers.

Of course it’s always easier to decide when you can see the product itself, so why not visit our showroom in Leeds ? Click HERE for more details of our showroom or click HERE for directions, details of our opening times and contact information.